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Behind the Scenes | Greenwood Magazine

This video showcases why you should shop at your local vendors.

We used a Canon 5DM2 and a Canon C100.

Greenwood Calendar

Community videos galvanize social media services. Greenwood Calendar is a tourism and news site. 

The great thing about community video is the lack of a long pre-production phase. Instead you have mad running-and-gunning. Make the critical shots and nab the interview.

Here’s an ode to pitch videos by Tony Benna.

I can’t tell you how many pitch videos I had to make it’s a painful and fun process. Most of my pitches involve smoke bombs and powdered dye.

XLR Lander Radio Advertisement

This was a local commercial shot on the cheap. We used two back lights from Impact that run about $100 each. We shot the entire piece on the Canon 50mm f1.4 for low light performance. We also used the slider pretty extensively — can you tell that we just bought it?

It was a fun shoot. The hardest part was organizing the talent since we were doing this project on the cheap we had to find actors willing to work for free. We had a talent scout and even then only three people showed up for the day of the shoot. This is proof that even a free meal won’t motivate people to work for you.

The recording session took us three hours to record and we had to rewrite the script three times for clarity’s sake.